Therapy For Thought is a private practice based in Peasmarsh, East Sussex. I cover all areas of East Sussex and Kent. Therapy For Thought is a hypnotherapy practice that can help people overcome stress, anxiety and phobias. I can also help clients with other aspects of their life such as giving up smoking and with grief and loss. I also focus on food therapy and our relationship with food – by making simple changes we can have a healthier and better lifestyle. By taking a new look at our relationships with our kitchen self we can further develop both personally and professionally.

In relation to the applications for addiction, anxiety and depression, I am able to offer work with individuals, couples and family groups. I offer individually tailored weight loss plans to my clients. By focusing on my client’s motivations and self-esteem I am able to apply a range of techniques such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP and motivational interviewing.

Additionally, I also run cookery workshops that support the above practice.

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, anybody can be hypnotised. You go into a trance state lots of times within your daily routines such as when you’re watching television or a scary movie – you get scared but you know it’s not real. Another example is when you are driving your car and you sometimes go into autopilot – this is also a hypnotic state.

No, because you can’t be made to do anything that you don’t want to do in hypnosis. In hypnosis you retain power over your ability to act upon any suggestions, although if you do allow yourself to act upon a suggestion you may feel as though the effects are happening by themselves.

When you are in hypnosis you are conscious, awake and aware but you are in a trance state.

You will only say what you want to say. In therapy it is often beneficial to reveal your inner thoughts. If you are revealing a secret wall in hypnosis it’s because you’ve chosen to do so and not because you are hypnotised.

No, memories are selective and malleable. There is no unblemished record of your life stored and waiting for you to rediscover events from the past.

With hypnosis you may be able to recall some of the events that you are consciously unaware of but there are no guarantees that the recall is accurate.