June News Letter


I have decided now to write a monthly newsletter. So that I have a bit more of an online presence with my practice. This newsletter will comprise of helpful tips and information, seasonal and nutritional recipes, and promotions in my practice.

I have recently just passed my eating psychology coaching exam so I want to introduce food lot more into my practice, looking at different types of food which could counteract anxiety and depression, look at food that increase your metabolic rate for weight loss.

Grounding technique.

Sit down in a comfy chair.

Place your hands by your side and put your feet flat on the floor.

Now close your eyes and take some deep breath in and out through your nose. Breathe all the way down to your stomach. Breath out really slowly and you will slowly start to relax.

Just imagine that your feet are developing roots just like a tree and are going down to the middle of the year.

These routes are a brilliant white in colour and just focus on these roots. So that you are secure and not wobbly or upside-down anymore.

So, when you are feeling a bit wobbly or upside down just sit down and do this exercise. This is quite good to do on the toilet with the seat down because the plumbing work also goes under the ground. This is a very good technique for children to learn just to calm them down when they get a bit overexcited.


I have currently putting my practice online in which I will be running some online wellbeing and weight loss coaching courses £200 for 6 weeks. I have enclosed an MP3 recording on rebooting your energy.

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