Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation

The actual process of smoking is a habit. Nicotine is a drug and you can be addicted to it. It takes three days for nicotine to get out of your body system. For cannabis it can take up to10 days to get out of your body system.

Motivators for giving up smoking –

There are different motivations for clients to give up smoking – these are the more common ones:

Health: The client’s health is often the motivator, especially if they have been diagnosed with or aware of a health issue that would benefit from giving up smoking. For example, wanting to stop smoking when you’re pregnant or in order to get fitter.

Financial: The cost of cigarettes and tobacco. The individual, monthly and yearly cumulative financial costs of tobacco products are often a motivator to give up smoking.

Family: The reality of clients smoking has an impact on other family members. This They may realise that they might not live to see their children and grandchildren growing up and also that smoking may be having an impact on their own families health – secondary smoking.